Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beach 2 Bay Marathon Relay 2011

Yesterday was the annual Beach to Bay Marathon relay here in Corpus Christi. It was a very hot and humid day here which caught up to me towards the end of my leg. This year I got on a pretty fast team with 2 of the runners from my gym, Jessica's brother Jordan, and 2 ringers one of the guys recruited for our team. We finished in 12/186 in the mens division and 23/2436 overall with a time of 2:50:15 for a 6:30 min/mile avg pace. I was pretty stoked with that result even though our goal was to go sub 2:50.

I ran the 3rd leg which was 4.36 miles. When I got the baton I was running with mostly young speedsters, so I just tried to keep up with them. Below are my mile splits. You can see the wheels falling off towards the end. After I handed off I proceeded to vomit, nearly pass out, and eventually got taken care of in the little medical tent when they hooked me up with an IV. It was hot and extremely humid, but its still hard to believe I got that messed up in just 4.3 miles. I don't even really remember much of any of the last mile.

mile 1 - 5:57
mile 2 - 6:16
mile 3 - 6:47
mile 4 - 7:06
last .36 - 8:00 ish

total about 28:30 for 4.36 miles for about a 6:32 min/mile pace. Overall a very fun event and I was stoked to run with some fast guys and post a pretty respectable time.

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  1. Great work GB, keep it up. Maybe you could take a CC to Lemoore in after labor day while I am home for leave, be great to see you.