Monday, April 11, 2011

SuperSeal race report...FINALLY

The picture explains what took me so long putting the race report together....I've spent the last 3 weeks trying to figure out how to get the damn wetsuit off! Despite the picture where I look like I'm choking myself, I had a great time and I'm with the result on my first olympic distance tri. There were also many things I can improve upon and I can't wait for the San Diego Internation Tri coming up the end of June.

I ended up traveling down to Coronado the morning of the race with my buddy Andy, who was also getting ready for the Oceanside 70.3 the following week, and ending up sticking together for most of the day. The race started uneventfully, but it didn't take long to realize I did a poor job studying the swim course and paying attention to the race brief. The swim portion was a horseshoe shaped course with a dogleg as you return to swim exit. Coming around the buoy at the beginning of the return leg I made a beeline for the exit point. Unfortunately for me, there was a swim gate I needed to pass through before heading to the shore. Thanks to an overzealous swim buddy who tackled me abeam the gate (literally-he asked if I was in the race...I didn't realize there were other blue capped rec swimmers out there). I only had to add on an extra 100-200 meters to my swim and I ended up exiting right next to Andy.

We made it through T1 without any problems, but I completely ignored conventional tri knowledge and used gear for the first time during the tri. I set up a water bottle rig in between my aero bars the night before with some velcro straps. Somewhere while running with my bike in the transition area the velcro straps came loose (probably while I was trying to put on gloves...quit judging me MB). I didn't notice until I got on the bike and started peddling away. I was head's down, distracted, trying to fix it when MB started yelling at me to get moving. Of course I snapped my head up and immediately rode onto the sandy shoulder almost wrecking less than an eighth of a mile into the bike leg. I pulled over after making a fool of myself and tried to fix my bottle cage while MB ran up to me and started yelling at me silently (I could tell by his look...). I finally ripped the bottle off my bike and got on my way vowing to pay more attention. I quickly caught up to Andy after that and we set into a good rhythm sticking together for the rest of the bike portion without incident.

Andy and I started off together on the run, but he's a much stronger than me and dropped me in the first half mile. I felt like I put together a strong run and was passing people all the way to the finish.All together I was happy with my run time since I was only a minute slower that my 10K from a month ago. I ended up crossing the finish line well under my goal time with a 2:41:49.

Swim (1500m)- 30:25
Bike (40km) - 1:14:14
Run (10km) - 51:23

Next up, 2nd leg of the triple crown with SB - La Jolla Half marathon next sunday and Tough Mudder in May.

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  1. This is what I felt like when I saw Ht trying to put on gloves (GLOVES!) while almost crashing on the way out of transition.