Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kennedy Dental Care's 5K

Ran a local 5K this morning with Jess. We didn't register and they weren't into race day registrations, so we went ahead and ran bandit style and had a nice little run. I finished 1st overall in 18:50 or so and Jess was the first female to finish in around 21:45. Pretty awsome since neither of us had a race bib. If you're going to run a race you didn't register for, it's probably a good idea to not win, or at least step aside just prior to the finish, but of course neither of us did that. Regardless, pretty stoked about my time.


  1. Wonder if they will publish your race result... otherwise its an anti-SmugFit conspiracy.

    Also when does Jess start posting? This site needs more chicks. We dont even have A chick, much less many.

  2. Nice job! Smugfit world domination!