Monday, January 31, 2011

Road to Kona: Day 55

This little 75 miler was a blast. I was nervous about how I would feel with the whole sore legs thing, but woke up feeling great. This ride has 4 hard sections - the first loop on Las Colinas, the second 5 mile stretch immediately after, and the Torrey climb followed by Santa Fe sprint.  I can really see some serious results in the legs after only 2 weeks of steady cycling. On Las Colinas, I led the paceline for about 1 mile, then attacked and dropped everyone, and rode the rest in a breakaway. Felt very good. For the next section, I again went to the front and hammered, but this time, I brought the pace up nice and evenly, so that everyone could hang on. I pulled for the next 5 miles, and no one was coming around. It was awesome to dominate both stretches that way. When we got to Torrey, I attacked hard out of the gate, and dropped Kevin from the start. He battled his way back to my wheel, but in TB fashion, I waited til he caught me and then attacked hard again, and this time left him with no answer. I finished the climb over a minute ahead of everyone. Its probably no surprise how things ended up on Santa Fe, I did some pulling, and some tactical resting, but came away with the sprint as well. Granted, Zach wasn't on this ride, so my biggest "rival" didn't get a shot, but I felt really good, and this marks the first time I have ever beaten Kevin on any climb.

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