Sunday, January 9, 2011

Road to Kona: Day 35 Garmin Epic Fail, Race Epic Success


Woke up to hit up the Resolution Run 15k with Tommy B and Invictus Endurance Team. When I got there, I immediately realized that this was a race, not a fun run. Good size expo, finish line, etc. Tommy and I did a quick warmup, but nothing too intense. The big decision was clothing. It was definitely chilly, so I chose to wear arm warmers and shorts, no gloves. Tried to power up the garmin, and clearly, the stupid thing won't turn on. So much for the watch I've used 3 times. The last thing I did was plug it in last night before I went to bed, and it said it was charging. Oh well, it just reminds me that I can run fast without a gadget to tell me what to do. Still, I would've liked to have my splits to see what I did for each mile.

From the starting line, I stayed with the lead pack for most of the first mile, which was probably a mistake, but I don't think I went too deep in the fitness hole. We belted out about a 5:30 for the first mile, and then I realized I was going a little too fast and backed it off and let Tommy B go. I ran my own race for a while, and passed the 3 mile mark at 17:40. Pretty happy with a sub 6 pace for the first 3 miles. I settled down into a good solid pace for the next mile or so, and then a tall guy wearing compression socks pulled up next to me. Turned out to be Lars Finnegar, a local pro triathlete who put up some pretty good results last year. I matched his pace for a while, but realized that his longer stride was causing me to  slow my cadence and try and match his, so I let him go and settled into my own race. At mile 5 I heard footsteps again, and this time, the turnover was much quicker. As the first overall female caught me, I figured I would match her pace for a while and see how it went. Obviously TBs last advice at the start line was echoing in my head: "Don't get chicked." I ran slightly behind her for about a quarter mile, and I realized she wasn't getting stronger. I made my move, and passed her again. She matched my pace, and fell to just about 2 steps behind me, and this is how it stayed for the rest of the race. We passed mile 6 at 36:40, again a pretty solid pace for me, probably a PR for the 10k. Of course I will never know thanks to the garmin epic fail. Every time I heard her quicken her turnover, I matched just long enough to hold her off. It was a battle for the whole rest of the way to the finish. With 1.5 to go, I picked up my pace again, and she was able to match. It took all the way until about 800 to go, when I started my kick, to finally drop her. I had plenty left in the tank for a hard finish, and managed to do the last 400 in a full sprint.

Finishing time: 57:38, pace 6:11. Very stoked about this result. I was beginning to think that maybe sub-1:20 was out of my reach for Carlsbad, but if I can hold 6:11s for 9.3 after a 65 mile ride and a hard training week, I think 6:07s for 13.1 on rest is a very real possibility. Couldn't have gone much better. Tommy B threw down a 53:01 and got 4th overall (I only got 11th), looking real good for him as well. And thanks to Anne-Marie, women's overall winner, for pushing me. She is training for an Olympic Trial cut at Boston, and here's hoping she gets it.

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  1. Mikeb- You're smoking fools now a'days, nice job.