Monday, January 3, 2011

R2K: Mini-camp Update

Day 24

Weds - hit up CF (see Diane post) in the morning, skipped the evening track sesh since it was raining and they were doing Death by 10 Meters, which I think has limited utility. It tends to be really hard on my feet (blisters, blown out shoes) and even though the intensity is there, I just don't see the application for a half marathon, other than conditioning.

Day 25

Thursday - Super sore from Diane, so warmed up with the strength and recovery WOD, then Sam and I decided to do KB (2 pood) tabata. I made it through round 4, when my back literally seized up. So I decided to chill on that for a minute, and went over to the pool with TB to do a little swim. It was miserable, just ridiculously cold, and we only stayed in for a 1200, or about 20 minutes. Mini-camp off to a terrible start.

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