Wednesday, December 8, 2010

R2K: Day 3

AM: Swim with Tommy B
400 m w/u
4x100 IM
4x (200, 4x50s)

Set 1 and 3 tempo, 2 and 4, all out

Times for the 200s: 3:03, 3:07, 3:13, 3:19.

Pool was hot, and I didnt make my intervals on the last set. This is a good one, but I was crushed all afternoon.

PM: Track at SDHS

Ladder 60:60, 60:50, 60:40...down to 10s rest, then back up to 60:60

This was ok, but we did it running 100m and then turning around and running another 100m. I didnt like having to turn around, as it gave me a slight break and felt like I couldn't push quite as hard as I would have liked.

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