Saturday, December 18, 2010

R2K: Day 13


Rain canceled our planned ride, super bummed. Instead:

WOD at Invictus with E-money (from her blog)

Workout of the Day:

MIKE AND I WERE A TEAM!  We got up in time to make it to the 830AM class. If I didn't do it early, then it wasn't going to happen : ) 

Teams of two must complete the following as quickly as possible:
1200 Meter Run (four laps around the block) Alternated laps
50 Power Cleans (135/95 lbs.) M- 30/115lbs      E- 20/65lbs
100 Pull-Ups   M - 70            E- 30
200 Anchored Sit-Ups (your partner will anchor your feet)  M-140         E- 60
1200 Meter Run  Alternated laps
(The above tasks are totals for the team of two. Partition reps as you see fit, but only one partner can be working at any given time.)


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